PhD-candidate Medical Imaging (OIO)

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PhD-candidate Medical Imaging (OIO)

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26 mei 2023

A position as a PhD candidate with the aim to develop and improve image analysis methods for quantifying calcification of the human retina. This research will aid ophthalmologists in measuring progression of the eye disorder Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.

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PXE is a rare genetic disorder with pathological calcifications in the skin, blood vessels and retina. The latter results in a retinal degeneration with poor vision from age 50 years on. The UMC Utrecht has established the National Center of Expertise in PXE and has assembled a world-wide unique cohort of over 400 patients. Within this cohort, observational and interventional studies are performed. We have collected extensive imaging data of the eye, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), infracyanine green angiography (ICG) and fundus autofluorescence (FAF). In a previous PhD-project, we developed an innovative technique to measure retinal calcification using the Spectralis®-OCT scan. With the use of segmentation software, the reflectivity values of retinal layers were obtained, which are presumed to be a proxy for calcification. This technique will be improved and validated.  

Part of this project is the analysis of retinal imaging in the placebo-controlled TEMP Prevent trial. In addition, you will study the immunological response in the retina of PXE patients to a breakup of the blood-retina barrier, visualized by OCT and ICG images.

Your task will be to design new methods and improve current techniques of retinal imaging of calcification in PXE. These methods will be applied to existing and newly acquired imaging. The results of the studies will be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific meetings. 

If you enjoy working on creative and out-of-the-box solutions for difficult problems and are capable of working in a multidisciplinary team, we are looking for you. As a PhD candidate, you will enroll in the PhD program Medical Imaging of the Utrecht University Graduate School of Life Sciences. You will also be introduced to the field of retinal imaging and be part of the clinical retina research group. 

Hier ga je werken

This research will be carried out at the Image Sciences Institute (ISI) and the Ophthalmology Department at the UMC Utrecht. The ISI is housed within the Radiology and Oncology Division. The division is internationally renowned for its research on image acquisition, image analysis, artificial intelligence, and image-guided interventions. You will be working in a team of PhD students and staff from both the Radiology and Ophthalmology Departments and you can participate in activities of both departments. For more information, see and

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We are looking for a PhD-candidate with:

  • a master degree in Medical Imaging, Technical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, or a similar program;
  • affinity with image analysis, machine learning and programming;
  • the ambition to develop new imaging techniques of the retina;
  • an interest in collaboration with clinicians/ophthalmologists;
  • willingness to participate in immunological studies;
  • the ability to work in a multidisciplinary research environment and communicate effectively; and
  • proficiency in Dutch as well as English.


For information on this position, please contact Dr. Redmer van Leeuwen, ophthalmologist, at [email protected]  or Edwin Bennink, researcher, at [email protected]

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PhD-candidate Medical Imaging (OIO)

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